Monday, October 31, 2011


i memorize and memorize ,
your back side that is walking away from me ,
so i wont forget you ..

i memorize and memorize again ,
even your voice telling me goodbye ..

i picture you again thousand times ,
so i would recognize you ,
when just in case you come back to me ..

even time i do so ,
my heart tears into pieces ,
but i dont stop to remember you ..

because my heart is foolish ,
and my love is foolish ,
i cry like a baby with you in my arms ,
because my brain is foolish ,
it only remember you ,
even when a new love arrives ,
i cannot grab it because im scared that i'll forget you ..

i pass by where you went often everyday ,
and look for someone who resembles you ,
and in case your number changed ,
i secretly call you sometimes ..

i remember you everyday ,
worrying that you might have cut your long hair ..

because my 2 eyes are foolish ,
they only try to look at you ,
they only know you so they cannot see anyone else ,
because my 2 ears are foolish ,
they only your voice ,
and in case you call me ,
they stay up all night ,
in case they dont hear your footsteps coming back to me ..

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