Saturday, July 9, 2011


i hear your breathe ..
you're lying close to me ..
the shadows gone ..
i have found my peace ..

you make me calm ..
with you ..
im safe from harm ..
and right by your side ..
i'll stay thru the night ..
til eternity ..
thats the way it will be ..

and i wonder what you're dreaming of ..
you're so peaceful when you sleep ..
every time i want ..
every time i need ..
its lying here infront of me ..

and if i ever lose my power to fly ..
then your love takes me high ..
i'll always be true to you ..
sometimes i think i might lose it all ..
guess the chances are small ..
cause you hold me close ..
i feel you near ..
dont let go ..
say you'll always be here ..
just hold me tight and i'll be fine ..
dreaming you will always be mine ..

just like the sun ..
you make me warm inside ..
like a soft summer breeze ..
a moment to seize ..
so true i wont stop loving you ..

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